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Angling is one of the most rejuvenating experiences, one that is regularly rewarded with a free supper. While there are a lot of different reasons why it is such a popular activity, eating your catch of the day is a major contributing factor.

While it might not seem like it, it is actually an exceptional group activity. The memory of a first angling trip with friends or family and your first catch is one that lasts the lifetime. However, for the beginner, it is essential to understand the basics of angling for a successful fishing trip. Which is where barefootcharters.org steps in. Check out our engaging and informative blog articles about angling and boating composed by specialists. Get angling tips and suggestions or read stories from fishermen who are passionate about angling and sculling. Here you can learn about new angling skills, boating assets, angling etiquette, preservation. The sky is the limit.

The blogs cover a wide range of topics related to fishing including trout fishing, coarse fishing and sea fishing. You will also find articles reviewing of the latest fishing equipment available in the market.

On barefootcharters.org the recommendations and tips are split into sections making it easier for the users to find what they are interested in, without stumbling across other articles. Everything is sorted into categories for the viewer’s ease, for example, fish species and angling. Our group of devoted experts evaluated and researched to find the best tips to impart to you, while still providing readers with some of the intriguing encounters experienced by angling lovers.